ASAHI Super Dry Black Lager

The latest premium offering from Asahi

Bold and refreshing, Asahi Super Dry Black ventures into new territory for dark beer.

Using the same yeast strain as Asahi Super Dry, this great brew is unlike any other. By inheriting the DNA of “Karakuchi” (Dry), Asahi has successfully blended the rich aromas and flavours while maintaining a smoothness never before accomplished in dark beer.

This is a beer that has to be tasted to be appreciated.

Deceptively refreshing

Asahi Super Dry Black Lager is a sensory illusion – pouring a rich dark colour similar to a stout, but with the refreshing crisp taste of a lager.

It is deceptively refreshing, and at only 5.5% ABV, is incredibly sessionable. Available only on tap and in a select number of bars and restaurants around New Zealand, Asahi Super Dry Black Lager is the new benchmark in dark lagers.